Gaoth Chun Dé – A Wind from God

A Wind from God

by Michael Davitt

It is
an ill wind
that brings
out of the west
as I watch
my old cap
fly into the air
God’s chapel.

Gaoth Chun Dé

le Michael Davitt

Níorbh aon
í siúd
a thug
an bháisteach
léi aniar
mar chonaic
Seáinín caipín
san aer
os cionn
séipéal Dé.

This was a tough one; I’m sure I got it entirely wrong. It’s almost haiku-like in its simplicity and compression, and I had to make some guesses for things (like “drochghaoth,” which I’ve rendered “ill wind”) not covered in my Foclóir Póca.

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