Twending Tweets, 7/20 – 7/27

Here are the most popular links in my Twitter stream, according to HootSuite; you can follow me for more like this:

  1. Mitch Albom Writes at a 3rd Grade Reading Level, Stephen King at an 8th — The Reading Levels of Your Favorite Authors at One Minute Book Reviews: also, Nora Ephron, 12th grade; Danielle Steel, just below 5th. My collection comes in at a 7th grade level, though individual stories surely vary.
  2. Heavy hitters in the new releases via Booksquare: Pynchon, Niffenegger, Russo, Chabon, oh my! Lots of big names are on the new release list for the fall–save your pennies, or get in the queue at your library early!
  3. Julio Cortázor’s Ugly Amphibian Endangered at Scientific American: ugly animals don’t get the props they deserve; the axlotl, a Central American salamander, is one such unattractive beast, who should be dear to readers of the Latin American “magical realist” boom
  4. Thoreau’s Watermelons: Patrick Kurp looks at the whimsical side of Henry David Thoreau by way of the melons in his garden. “He was a certified crank but no dour hermit. Any man who takes pride in his watermelon crop, and happily shares the bounty with his neighbors, is a friend of mine.”
  5. Make your own erasure poem at Wave Poetry: with this nifty little Flash application, you can select from a number of texts and craft your own poem by selective omission, then share your creations.
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