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Twending Tweets, 7/11 – 7/18

The five most-clicked links from my Twitter stream:

  1. Thank you for considering us, but due to the economy, we are reluctant to represent women’s fiction at this time: from Literary Rejections on Display, a rejection letter that manages to combine the best of both economic malaise and unrepentant sexism.
  2. The Found Poetry Project: unintentional verse.
  3. Geek the Library: support your library, while expressing your own inner geek
  4. Pieces and fifteen other stories at the Kindle Store: more about this project (including other formats) here and here.
  5. Laura Bush Visiting Crater Lake: a poetic reflection on the parallels between geographic and economic meltdowns: “for if it happened once like this, / how many more might follow?”

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Twending Tweets, 7/3 – 7/10

Here are the five most-followed links from my Twitter stream, according to HootSuite. You can follow @mhartford for similar things.

  1. Three Found Haiku from the Found Poetry Project: McDonald’s, the YMCA, and Beverly, MA, through a poet’s eye
  2. Geek the library: how does your library bring out your inner geek?
  3. Partially Clips: This is Not a Metaphor: from way back in May–talking animals = parable
  4. James Kelman rues Booker prize win from Times Online: also from May, James Kelman reflects on the negative aspects of winning the Booker in 1994 for his phenomenal novel How Late It Was, How Late (if you haven’t read this novel yet, you must; it’s the best adult read-aloud since Ulysses, but make sure the weens are abed: it contains 4,000+ occurrences of a solid Anglo-Saxon word starting with “F” worth at least 13 Scrabble points)
  5. Authors lobby UK government for statutory school libraries from the Guardian: Philip Pullman, Michael Rosen and Francesca Simon petition for universal access to quality public school libraries; and, to paraphrase Sammy from Mr. Kelman’s book, for f*** sake, why shouldn’t all kids have access to a f***ing library?
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