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I didn’t write it

The new book about Obama, that is. This “O”, not that one (which I also didn’t write, though both are pseudonymous/anonymous in nature; I haven’t actually read either, and am unlikely to do so). I say this not because anyone has asked, of course, but because I find the Simon & Schuster instructions about not disclosing that one didn’t write it a little annoying:

You may be asked to comment on whether or not you are the author. If so, it would be great if you refrained from commenting, in solidarity with the principle that a book should be judged on its content and not on the perceived ideology of its author.

I’m all for solidarity–it is, after all, part of my “perceived ideology”–but solidarity with Simon & Schuster isn’t quite what I have in mind. It would be kind of neat if there were a global “I am not Spartacus!” moment on this topic. Vive la Revolución!

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