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Evening Harvest: April 17, 2012

Pew Survey Shows How E-Books Are Changing the Equation for Publishers, Readers

So, whether it was Socrates complaining about books or the great comic book scares of the 1950s when four-color printing came about, every time there is a new technology that allows more and different culture to be created, the guardians of the status quo announce that civilization is over. – Eoin Nash of Soft Skull, Cursor, Red Lemonade, Small Demons

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Amazon Low Prices Disguise a High Cost

Amazon has used its market power to bully and dictate. It leaned on the Independent Publishers Group in recent months for better terms and when those negotiations didn’t work out, Amazon simply removed the company’s almost 5,000 e-books from its virtual shelves.

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A cartoonist paints a wiggly line, with help from friends

It’s rare to see a new strip targeted for newspapers, as opposed to a pure webcomics offering, as the precipitous decline of newspapers’ revenue and profits have led them to shed comics like ballast.

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