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our obligations to each other

As Lori Sturdevant reports in her column in today’s Star-Tribune, not all of Minnesota’s representatives went down without a fight against the governor’s cuts to social services. She notes that Lyndon Carlson, Jeremy Kalin, and Paul Thissen stood up to the unallotment. And she quotes at length from Thissen, who may be a gubernatorial candidate when the chance to replace Pawlenty rolls around again in 2010:

[I]t’s a clear example of short-term thinking. It’s thinking we can solve problems by not paying for them, or just moving them off of government’s books. . . . We’ve had this notion put before us that we can keep the Minnesota we’ve always known without paying for it. That’s tied to a notion that we’re all on our own, and should be able to take care of ourselves.

“The pendulum is swinging back to the idea that we do owe obligations to each other. That is what the next election is going to be about.

It’s awfully early to be picking candidates, but based on these words, I’m looking forward to hearing more from Rep. Thissen. I think he gets it.

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